Requested by the One Who Commands Everything

I get very happy with few material things but always want to know if I’m pleasing God, in the person of the Blessed Mary. She is my point of reference regarding God because by being close to Her, I know that I’m safe, without any doubt. What She transmits to me I know for sure is the manifestation of God.
Yesterday was the day of vigil at the Magnificat Chapel and I was very worried because there were many people present and I don’t know how to handle this way. After the vigil, I talked for a few minutes with Francisco Lembi, Daniel, Maria Alves, Gilmar, etc. outside the Chapel. The night was splendid but my spirit was troubled due to the presence of many people that I didn’t know or were not close to me.
During the day, I received 100 baskets with basic food items to distribute to those who needed them and I was talking about that with them. I was happy for Maria and would really like to know if she participated in these earthy moments that aren’t worth anything but are always an answer to my spirit.
After everybody left, I went upstairs but from the upper window I noticed a light in the Chapel and quickly deduced that Bá had forgotten some light on and went down to turn it off.
When I entered the Chapel through the bigger wooden door, I noticed that the light came from the small chapel where there are outlines of Mary traced on the wall. I deduced easily that it was one of the lights that brightened the place.
I went in without noticing anything when I heard a voice say:
- Daniel!!
I looked for it but didn’t find anything and heard again:
- Daniel!!
This time, I answered:
- I know it is Our Lady, where are You?
I heard for the third time:
- My name is not Daniel but I’m here. If Our Lady is here, please tell me, because I’m listening to you carefully.
The light came out of the painting on the wall and concentrated itself on the chair. It danced moving itself and formed an outline of the Beautiful and Serene Lady. When it was ready, said to me:
- Why do you fight against this name that the Highest chose for you? You don’t like it?
- I was baptized as Raymundo and respect the opinion of my parents, godparents and Father Agostinho, who agreed to baptize me this way.
- But the Highest also respects the human opinions; however, here where we are, we know you as Daniel!
- You can call me that but everybody here knows me as Raymundo.
- Here, everybody knows you as Daniel; where should we do? I prefer not to give my opinion about these preferences because one is an earthly preference and the other is celestial, and I must acknowledge who commands me. You and everybody who participated in your baptism don’t command me. At that moment, when everybody accepted to call you Raymundo, in the creation of The One Who Commands Everything, Daniel was being accepted. You are a rebel since when you were born to this world, but it’s here that we wait for you in eternity, and who will come is Daniel because Raymundo will be forgotten in a tomb but Daniel will always be a link of fidelity where we are.
I have something to transmit to you from The One Who Commands Everything, let’s go to facts?
- I’ve been listening to her since 1992, when I was aware of your presence; I don’t do anything else besides listening to you.
- To me, no, what happens is that you have a fidelity that is hard on Earth and the One Who Commands Everything talks to you through me. You owe all this to Him.
- What does God want from me?
- An act of gratefulness to your fidelity and love towards the things of the spirit.
- Gratefulness? God is thanking me? How is that possible?
- In the area created by the One Who Commands Everything there is a space where you act the way  that is “prover1” (adequate) for you; and the One Who Commands Everything wishes, in earthly terms, to offer you a reward for understanding and making everybody feel an unquestionable truth that was firm to all and everybody was allowing themselves to be taken by the earthly emotional circumstances.
-What are You talking about?
- On December 21, you found grace in front of the Eternal!
- Me? What did I do?
- You asked everybody and took the responsibility for publishing the requests to the One Who Commands Everything, to Yeshua and to the Vivifying Blow of God so that we wait, for the second time on Earth, the visit of the Unrepresentable.
- How did I do this?
- Elaborated, under my inspiration, requests to the three bigger forces coming from the One Who Commands Everything, and this was heard here in Heaven. It will be a bigger force to bring the spirits here that, in a shorter period of time, will shorten the gap left by the “one who is jealous.” He wishes now that you continue the mission of transmitting His wish to everybody. I ask everybody to raise their hearts to the base of the Highest through these words.
- What words, Our Lady? I don’t understand!!
- The words of what you call prayers, published in a pamphlet designated The Duty of the Announcement. That pleased deeply to the thought of the One Who Commands Everything. He wishes you continue, if possible, until 2036. That is my wish also.
- But I, possibly, will not be here anymore!
- But I will be there and you will be here with me, do you understand? Try to publish them in every way because it’s a celestial medication that will help everybody and stimulate benevolences to the One Who Commands Everything in accepting human mistakes and changing them to perfection. That is what we call grace. Do you want to fill this gap? Turn these published words in this pamphlet into a bridge, because this falls into the benevolences of the One Who Commands Everything. Do this because they will take spirits before the Creator but in contrast earthly losses will come headed by the one who sustains the flag of jealousy. Ask your friends to keep guard and find the way to the vivifying Spirit of things. Don’t listen to rationality.
-Can I say something else?
- No, the time granted is over!
And disappeared.

1. Prover: 8, give the destination desired, decide, dispose (Houaiss dictionary)
2. Benevolence: mood of kindness towards something or someone, generosity, compliance (tendency to correspond to someone’s wishes with the intention of being pleasant) (Houaiss dictionary – 1st. Edition – 2001)

Raymundo Lopes
Magnificat Chapel, January 5, 2013
about 00:30 (half past midnight).