Always say these prayers, that is the wish of the One Who
Commands Everything and also of the Mother of Jesus Christ
Father in Heaven

Father in Heaven, my good Father, reason of my existence and of everything that exists, I thank you for being alive, for everything You created, and that we can notice Your presence with our senses. I wish to start this day with my thought intensely turned to my faith, because I feel in my heart Your presence, I feel in my soul Your will, I feel in my whole body the pulsating of life you gave me.
Allow me, if it is Your divine will, that I understand – with full capacity of the brain you gave me – that Your love transcended everything that I notice and that I want to receive Your divine Jesus, like a balsam that calms my spirit in turmoil by the rationalism of this end of times.
May I understand that this return of Your only Son must, at first, reveal itself inside us, so that we are able to show it to all those around us and that didn’t have rational conditions to participate in Your love.
Bless me, like you did to those who participated in the Eden, that you divinely wish to all who follow Your will. Amen.

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