The Letters to the Vatican

There is a saying: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

Couldn’t stand the pressure of the letters of the Blessed Mary and on the 50th letter, gave up!! Popes can’t be made, this representation is priority of the Spirit, being iniquitous or not, saint or demon, must always be a preference of the Spirit.
Let’s wait for Jesus until 2036, from now on, with an eye on the Vatican. We are in the final stage and many things can happen, paying attention to the decisions of the Blessed Mary. She is in charge and it won’t be the popes that will stand in the way of the return of the Master.
For those who don’t know, Raymundo Lopes, instructed by Our Lady, has sent every month, starting in January 2009, letters to the Vatican alerting the Pope of the urgent need of announcing the return of Jesus. Until February 2013, 50 letters were sent, and one of the main allegations of Blessed Mary is what was said especially in the three appearances – Rue de Bac (Catarina Labouré), Lourdes (Bernadete) and Fatima (Sister Lucia) – having as the main objective to make humankind aware that Jesus promised He would return and it was deliberately hidden by the ecclesiastic authorities, leading the world to believe that Our Lady is a person submissive to lies.
Fifty letters have been sent already of a total of 84 and, as it should be, the truth prevailed. Benedict XVI called Raymundo Lopes to talk, in August 2010, and allowed the psychic to see the writings of Sister Lucia.
We knew then it was him (Raymundo –Daniel) the character of the “Third part of the secret” of Fatima and the heart of the Total Saint would win by keeping away from the Earth the danger of shocking with the comet Apophis which will be close to our planet in 2036; along with this announcement, we will finally have contact with Jesus, therefore keeping the promise that He would return.
The “Bela Senhora” (Beautiful Lady) said in Rue du Bac, Lourdes, Fatima and in many others about this announcement – they didn’t believe and made up stories to benefit the rational.
The return of Jesus will happen through the full capacity of thinking and “not through common means”, as imagined by those who defend the dominant logic; this includes the life of the human Church founded by Peter.
We are in the threshold of the divine Church led by John (evangelist)?
Benedict XVI allowed the burning of these writings (of pastor Lucia), as this was enough to establish the way of the events, according to the wish of reason so well represented by the ‘prince of this world.’
“Wherever the cadaver is, the vultures will gather around it”, they are allegations of Yeshua (Lc17,37); and the scene of the burial of John Paul II represents a turning point.
There is an orchestra and its conductor speaks in the heart of Nova Lima, in Minas Gerais.
“Brazil is under my special protection” let’s believe at least in this?? Missionaries of the Immaculate Heart