End Times

Amidst a storm, a lightning strikes – literally – over the Vatican. It was February 2013, day dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes: “The Holy Priest, Pope Benedict XVI, resigned to the ministry of Bishop of Rome, Successor to Saint Peter”.

The world awakes astonished with the news that spread out in minutes.




The Resignation to the Announcement

“A complex network of television led by the evil media, wishing to destroy the whole Christian structure?” “The black dragon surrounding the summit of Peter?” Or the rumble of a coward gesture towards a decision that imposes and contrasts to the human logic?
“My request was not considered because the Popes of this time did not speak, believing more in the effectiveness of the logic of the behavior adopted by the human Church, than to fight, led by the Holy Spirit. Disregarded the mystic theology and gave way to theology of reason.”
In his resignation, the Pope “affirmed that the challenges of contemporary Church exceeded his strengths.”
Notwithstanding the hard and unquestionable burden of leading the Church, especially nowadays, we have no doubt that the main reason for this surprising and explosive decision of Benedict XVI was the issue regarding the announcement of the return of Jesus. Yes, the Duty of the Announcement was not abided, not accomplished! He didn’t have the courage to do it and decided to transfer the responsibility to another person, renouncing to the ministry that he sought for himself.
Age and health, in my opinion, were excuses. The example of John Paul II, still fresh in our memories, can prove this. The tension and clear disturbance that he showed when he received the monthly letters we sent him, instructed by Heaven and urging him to make the announcement, is another evidence. The dialogue he had with Raymundo Lopes in 08/17/2010 doesn’t leave any doubts:
“Raymundo – Will you make this announcement just like Lucia wrote it?
Benedict XVI – I don’t know… I can’t… I shouldn’t. – he said in a low voice and leaning forward.
Raymundo – Why?
Benedict XVI – Because this announcement implies in a correspondence of Christian values and customs that can lead the world to a situation of surveillance under an aspect that can last for years. Many people can interpret this announcement in a wrong way and the Church will be affected.
Raymundo – Affected how? With the return of Jesus?
Benedict XVI – The return of Jesus will happen with or without the consent of the Church. But the human behavior to this announcement can be interpreted by the Catholic contingent and other sister Churches and manipulated by the devil so that the faith transforms into the dragon of evil. I don’t want to be the person responsible for this. (…)
Raymundo – But Our Lady expects from you this revelation!
Benedict XVI – Expects? She can’t expect from a weak human being such a strong decision like this. I can’t and won’t make this announcement – he said standing up and gesticulating a lot. (…)
Raymundo – Forgive me, Your Holiness, but that is not weakness.
Benedict XVI – What is it, then?
Raymundo – Cowardliness!
The courage to resign finally surpassed the courage to make the announcement of the return of Jesus.
Now, new paths will be defined by Heaven, as it is in the dialogue.
We’ll wait with confidence while our work continues under the auspice of the Mother of Yeshua (Jesus)
“I’ll make appear in Brazilian soil, a man assisted by me, whose name will be Daniel, to announce what I’ve been insisting on for many centuries: the return of my Son, in your time…”

Francisco Lembi                                                                                                                                        Voltar